• nickgerber:

    This is Jayson Werth - He’s a professional baseball player for the Washington Nationals, formerly of The Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Philidelphia Phillies. Here’s a photograph I made of him looking out over Washington DC - The town he now plays for.

  • artruby:

    Popsicles by Evan Robarts.

  • Breezy setting the record straight. 

  • txas:

    I avoid the Big Media news outlets on sad event anniversary days. Reliving it over and over when it’s still fresh and raw in my mind tends to drive me toward depression.

    I’m not trying to forget…and doubt I could if I wanted to.

    Just go love each other. It’s the time you’ve got. Use it wisely.

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  • Bryce Harper: Final Vote

    Let’s get Harp to the All Star Game in Kansas City. Head over to mlb.com and start voting for him!

  • underarmour:

    Bryce Harper is #34. The NL is looking for a 34th man. Coincidence? We think not. Vote #34 to be the 34th man   

    VOTE  HERE NOW! Send Bryce Harper to Kansas City!